Schedule Your Home Inspection

Thank you for choosing us! Just so you know, we’re flexible.  Do you want the convenience of scheduling online? You got it.  Do you want to ask some questions before scheduling your inspection?  You can do that too.  You can schedule your home inspection completely online below or you can call 913-963-0134 to ask some questions first.  You can then schedule over the phone too.

Would you like to see some samples of what we do first?  No problem.  We’re pretty proud of the reports we create.  To see some sample reports from past inspections, just click here.

Sample Reports of your home inspection

Once you schedule your inspection, you will receive a confirmation email and text.  And if we have any questions on our end, we will reach out to you.  You will also receive reminder emails and texts of your upcoming inspection.  We’ll let you know the day before, even an hour before.  Good communication is something we strive for.

Once you’re done scheduling, be sure to follow us on YouTube.

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